Ana and the Cosmic Race
Amy Chu and Kata Kane
from Papercutz


GFFs: Ghost Friends Forever
Monica Gallagher and Kata Kane
from Papercutz



Altar Girl

Ashley Altars is a typical high school student attending a prestigious Catholic school with a long history. Seth Charming is a boy who died in 1929. They are both the keepers of mysterious key necklaces, and through them Seth has been brought back from death and to Ashley's present day, assisted by the Gemini Twin angels and guardians of the keys, Sera and Cherry. Ashley now has to deal with angels, demons, and bullies... but she just wants her crush Adam Evenine to finally notice her.

> Altar Girl - Book 1: Keep on Living
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> Altar Girl - Book 2: Reach for the Sky
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> Altar Girl -Suspended Disbelief
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Lost in the Woods   July 2006 - September 2007

Masayume is a Dream Research volunteer. Through a chance encounter, she's received an internship opportunity at the Unconscious Archives, more commonly called the "Dream Library," where other participants like her upload their dreams to a government-funded database in the name of psychological education. The library holds many secrets, and as time goes on it becomes harder for Masa to distinguish the dreams from reality.

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Dirty Diamonds
#6: Beauty

curated by Dirty Diamonds

(Comic Contributor)
Dirty Diamonds
#7: Imagination

curated by Dirty Diamonds

(Comic Contributor)
Ladies Night Anthology
Vol 4: Eat It Up

written by Kaia Danielle
edited by Lauren Burke
from Ladies Night Anthology




Houses of Cards
written by Natasha Lau
from Subversion Titles

  Josiah vs. the Darkness
from Uncharted Play



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